Nathan Bonarius

HEIGHT – 1.81m
WEIGHT – 75kg
BIRTHDATE – 09/11/77
STRENGTHS – It use to be sprinting but now I’m rebuilding after 18 months off the bike so we are yet to see where I will end up.

HOMETOWN – Annandale, NSW

“Whatever you do, make sure you’re having fun” 

Biggest win to date – Winning the UCI World Gran Fondo Qualifier in 2017

What inspired you to ride – Father-in-law took me for a ride about 12 years ago, he dropped me, then I never let that happen again.
What racing obstacle have you overcome – It took me a while to figure out but don’t go toe to toe against a pure sprinter; the outcome will always be the same.
What motivates you to keep going – The freedom, seeing the world early in the morning, being a better me, leading by example, those endorphins!
Favourite cheat meal – Chocolate
Favourite healthy snack – Falafel kebab
When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment – Haha, going for a ride with my family and playing the guitar
Tip for young cyclists – Always go into a race prepared. Do your research – know the course, know who you are up against, know your own strengths & play to them, know your weaknesses & try not expose them, race smart & conserve energy. In the end, it’s not about how much power you can put out but rather how much energy you can conserve. Visualisation is a very power tool.