Nadia Younan

HEIGHT – 1.78m
WEIGHT – 67kg
BIRTHDATE – 28/01/78
STRENGTHS – Time trial
HOMETOWN – Lane Cove, Sydney NSW

“What’s for dinner?“.

Biggest win to date – National Masters ITT Gold 2017, ACT Elite ITT Gold 2018

What inspired you to ride – Got bored of Spin class in the gym and thought going outside on a real bike might be interesting. Looked like a pretty cheap hobby…!
What racing obstacle have you overcome – So much, I’m still a student. A crash on a steep descent left me pretty fearful, that took a lot of work to overcome. Also mentally I’m still working on how to be patient and more strategic.
What motivates you to keep going – The sense of improvement. I am fascinated and motivated by change. The feeling of being really strong, not needing anyone’s wheel and just flying along effortlessly on the bike – it’s priceless, but it doesn’t come easy…
Favourite cheat meal – I’m terrible, will eat anything. But the ultimate treat has to be McDonalds Cheeseburgers. And beer.
Favourite healthy snack – Berries and Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon and a little honey.
When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment – Taking my dog Lewis for walks, reading, hanging out or heading to the movies with the boyfriend, looking at bikes online, buying bike stuff online…online shopping fiend in general 🙂
Tip for young cyclists – Wear sunscreen! Have fun. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and learn from the best.