Luc McCann

HEIGHT – 183cm
WEIGHT – 68kg
BIRTHDATE – 07 July 1988
STRENGTHS – Breakaways / Short punchy climbs
HOMETOWN – Cape Town, South Africa
CLUB – SydUni Velo

You gotta be willing to lose it all in order to win it all” 

Biggest win to date – I’m still waiting for it

What inspired you to ride – My obsession with being competitive and watching the TdF on TV with my mother

What racing obstacle have you overcome – Winter racing… trying to balance being warm vs being aero

What motivates you to keep going – Time away from the stresses of the real world, time to clear my head…and good coffee

Favourite cheat meal – Entire slabs of chocolate in a single sitting

Favourite healthy snack – Coconut Yoghurt, berries and granola

When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment– Talk about cycling

Tip for young cyclists – Make sure you enjoy your riding, if you enjoy what you are doing you will likely have more success