Katie Banerjee

HEIGHT – 168cm
WEIGHT – 48kg
BIRTHDATE – 18/03/73
STRENGTHS – Climbing hills
CLUB – Harlequin CC

” You won’t win a medal by staying in bed” 

Biggest win to date – Winner of the 2019 World Masters Cycling Federation World Championships RR and TT (Austria)

What inspired you to ride – Overhearing 3 ladies in their 60’s come into a cafe and say “sorry I could only manage 80k today”. I thought if I’m that fit and can do that at that age then that’s the sport for me!

What racing obstacle have you overcome – A broken collar bone, broken shoulder blade and shoulder joint 6 weeks before the UCI World Championships in 2018 when I went onto win a bronze medal

What motivates you to keep going – I just love it, my kids motivate me

Favourite cheat meal – Red wine

Favourite healthy snack – Nuts. And lots of them!

When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment – Kayaking

Tip for young cyclists – Take the time to enter some events where the result isn’t crucial so you can try out new tactics.