Jonathan Farley

WEIGHT – 70kg
BIRTHDATE – 17/05/02
RACING SINCE – Late 2015
STRENGTHS –Flats, sprints, short gradual climbs
HOMETOWN – Newcastle

“Determination and grit will get you further than talent“.

Biggest win to date – A-grade at Friday Night Racing at the Gang

What inspired you to ride – Mark Cavendish… as well as watching club racing and thinking I could win A grade
What racing obstacle have you overcome – Fear of crashing
What motivates you to keep going – The success of others and myself as well as my dream.
Favourite cheat meal – Pizza
Favourite healthy snackMixed berry smoothie
When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment – Playing Xbox with friends (and the banter particularly)
Tip for young cyclists – Always keep riding. Never pull out of a race. You never know what will happen.