Jamie McHugh

biomchughHEIGHT – 1.82m
WEIGHT – 75kg in the nude
BIRTHDATE – 14th April 1972
RACING SINCE – Between ages 14 to 21. Then from 41 to current.
STRENGTHS – Time-trialling
HOMETOWN – Beverly Hills

“When I’m feeling the pain, I just think of what Jens Voigt would say… Shut up legs

Biggest win to date – My most memorable win as a junior was breaking a time-trial course record previously held by Bruce Keech (who later became an Olympian) by 22 seconds. In recent years, a silver medalist at NSW masters time trial 2016.

What inspired you to ride – There was a velodrome near where I grew up and I used to go there and ride every afternoon. I joined a club and made some life long friends. As an adult I took it back up with a goal to lose weight and  after losing 20kg, my passion had been rekindled.
What racing obstacle have you overcome – Plenty but it’s now just getting old.
What motivates you to keep going – The enjoyment of being with friends and riding in different areas. Also at one stage I was 100kg and playing A-grade lawn bowls complete with beers after each end… That’s not somewhere I want to go back to at least until I retire!
Favourite cheat meal – Salt and vinegar chips
Favourite healthy snack – Sushi train… toot toot
When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment – Spending time with my 2 wonderful boys and my best friend and lover, my wife of 19 years.
Tip to improve young cyclists – Consistently make it hard for yourself and others when racing. It will make you strong and make others fear you!