Edwin Britts

HEIGHT – 185cm
WEIGHT – 68kg
BIRTHDATE – 27/03/2000
STRENGTHS – Time trials and long days in the break
HOMETOWN – Earlwood, Sydney
CLUB – Dulwich Hill CC

“Comfort is the enemy of progress” 

Biggest win to date – Remembrance Cup 2019 (Div 2) winner

What inspired you to ride – The freedom a bike gives you

What racing obstacle have you overcomeComing back even stronger after breaking my collar bone in a race

What motivates you to keep going – I want to see how far I can push myself

Favourite cheat meal – Cornflakes and a lot of honey

Favourite healthy snack – Home made chia pudding

When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment Photography

Tip for young cyclists – Go hard but have fun!