Chris Aitken

bioaitkenHEIGHT – 1.79m
WEIGHT – 64kg
BIRTHDATE – 22/01/1994
STRENGTHS – Hills and crosswinds
HOMETOWN – Wangi Wangi

“Do what makes you happy”.

Biggest win to date – U23 National Cyclocross Champion.

What inspired you to ride – I started riding after a running injury but soon fell in love with the sport because of the freedom that it gave me.
What racing obstacle have you overcome – I have had a few nasty crashes in my time and it always takes some time to recover and get the confidence back after them.
What motivates you to keep going – I enjoy the ability to put in hard work during training so that I can enjoy the race.
Favourite cheat meal – Pizza probably isn’t a great pre -race dinner but it tastes so good.
Favourite healthy snack – Love a good berry smoothie
When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoyment – I like to take photos and ride skateboards.
Tip to improve young cyclists – Skills are more important than fitness, learn the skills while you’re young and then work on the fitness and strength when you mature.