Charl van Wyk

HEIGHT – 1.85m
WEIGHT – 70kg – if I can keep my Tim Tam addiction in check
BIRTHDATE – 28 December – 34 years old
RACING SINCE – From the age of 17, with a 10 year absence from the sport (to study) between then and now.
STRENGTHS – Breakaways, wind, rolling courses
HOMETOWN – Cape Town, South Africa and now Sydney, Australia
CLUB – SydUni Velo

“A goal without a plan is just a wish

“Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice”

“The biggest battle you will fight is with yourself. This battle will never go away. It’s a fight you will have to battle for the rest of your life. You are the only person that can get yourself back up, but you are also the only person to lie down and allow yourself to be defeated.” 

Biggest win to date – Tour de PPA (South Africa), State Road Race Champs (South Africa) & very proud of my 3rd at Australia Nationals (Masters)

What racing obstacle have you overcomeI had to get my mind right and start believing in myself.

What motivates you to keep goingI love racing. I love to test myself and see my progression. I love the competition.

Favourite cheat mealTim Tams – the family pack variety

Favourite healthy snack – One of the many Hello Foods meals

When you’re not cycling, what do you do for enjoymentI love the outdoors and shopping. So scuba diving, hiking and exploring the streets of Sydney.

Tip for young cyclistsBe consistent in your training, train with a dedicated plan / program, its okay to take that rest day, drink your recovery shake, but most of all – have fun.