NSW Crit State Titles – 2020

Venue: Heffron Park, NSW

UNDER-19 MEN (30min + 5 laps) 

Although the morning air was unusually still, the racing was anything but as these young men started energetically.

The early pace was hot, with Team Rauland trying to get one of their four riders away. Surges and counter-attacks continued throughout the opening 20 minutes, with riders like Aiden Sinclair (Hunter District CC, Oliver’s Real Food Racing) and Harry Jones (Canberra CC, CCS Cycling) trying to force a breakaway.

However, the bunch kept welding any gaps shut and it looked set for a sprint finish as they took the bell together.

But there would be late fireworks: Dylan George (Manly Warringah CC, Team Rauland) launched for home with half a lap remaining, and only five riders, led by Sinclair, were able to make the junction before the final corner and thus contest the win.

As it turns out, Sinclair had been working for Hunter clubmate Jonathan Farley (Dhuez Racing), who opened his sprint with 200 metres to go and could not be matched, taking the gold medal by three clear bike lengths.

Malachi Covington (Marconi CC, Avantias Pro Racing) claimed silver while Team Rauland managed to take the final podium step with Alexander Micallef (Lidcombe-Auburn CC).


  1. Jonathan FARLEY (Hunter District CC)
  2. Malachi COVINGTON (Marconi CC)
  3. Alexander MICALLEF (Lidcombe Auburn CC)


UNDER-23 MEN (45min + 3 laps) 

Things started inauspiciously for the under-23 men. Rolling out from the start line, one rider became entangled in the wiring used for the race’s electronic timing system. While he was able to take a lap out and recover his position, the same could not be said for the timing system, which was put out of commission for the rest of the day.

The racers, however, were well and truly active. Attacks were flying off the front, pulling the peloton into single file as the north-easterly winds picked up.

Within the first few laps, a breakaway of three had established itself, with each rider having a teammate behind to anchor the chase. Those three were Tom Bolton (Dulwich Hill BC, Oliver’s Real Food Racing); Tom Chester (Canberra CC, Team Rauland) and Myles Stewart (Tolland CC, Team Nero Continental).

Working smoothly together, the trio opened a gap of 30 seconds while in the main group, Bolton’s teammate Kai Chapman (Hunter District CC) slowed the chase.

Unhappy with the lack of pace, Edwin Britts (Dulwich Hill BC, Dhuez Racing) nipped off to try to bridge the gap alone. While he managed to halve the gap, Britts became stuck in no-man’s-land and was eventually brought back into the fold.

Riders who’d missed the break like Matt Dinham (Manly Warringah CC, Team Bridgelane), Zac Marshall (St George CC, St George Continental) and Alex Durrant-Whyte (SUVelo) drove a forlorn chase but they were at their limit as the front trio proved too strong.

On paper, Bolton was the best sprinter of the three leaders. Knowing this, Chester launched over the pimple with half a lap remaining, but Bolton was quick to jump onto his wheel. Despite being pushed hard by Stewart, the Oliver’s rider proved too strong in the final sprint, taking gold after a flawless race.

  1. Thomas BOLTON (Dulwich Hill BC)
  2. Myles STEWART (Tolland CC)
  3. Tom CHESTER (Canberra CC)

Words by Ryan Miu (@cyclingnsw) | Banner photo by Victoria McNeill

2020 NSW Crit State Titles – RESULTS


 Jonathan Farley – 1st

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