2019 Cootamundra Classic

Venue: Cootamundra, NSW

REPORT by Cycling NSW

History was made at this year’s LubeAlloy Cootamundra Annual Classic Handicap with the 63rd edition seeing its first female winner. Simone Grounds (Dubbo CC, Dhuez Racing) out-kicked Anna Booth (SUVelo) and Graeme Pedon (Dubbo CC) to claim victory on the steep uphill finish.

The top three had started in Bunch 7 with a 29-minute handicap over Scratch, which finished splintered all over the hills of the Riverina under the pressure of fastest time Jay Vine (Canberra Cycling ClubTeam Nero Bianchi).

With five women in the top six places, a female chief commissaire and female handicapper, it’s been a milestone day for women’s cycling in NSW. Congratulations to the riders and Cootamundra Cycle Club.


And from the Ginger Ninja herself…

“So it’s not every day you make history. I don’t think I can even say I’m stoked at the moment because it’s still sinking in.

Big thanks to the Cootamundra Cycle Club for this iconic event, the commissaires and volunteers who make the race happen smoothly and safely so we can have a great race and thank you to the sponsors who support the race and make it the event it is year after year.

Thanks to my bunch, for the best part, we were well oiled and hard working. Special shout out to my fellow lady racers who rolled with the best of them & owned their turns. Special thanks to the bunch bosses – men and women – who talked up the bunch & kept us focused too.

A great day for Dubbo Cycle Club with Graeme Peadon & Darrell Wheeler in my final bunch. There’s something special about racing away together. especially on the 55th anniversary of Darrell‘s first win. 😱 These guys break me at club races & have shared so much wisdom with me, I feel very lucky to race with them.

Gussy Dawson thanks for knowing when to prod me in the right direction. I was completely 50-50 (actually 30-70) on this race but you sold it to me and look what bloody happened! Life & family has been busy and squeezing in training & racing is a gamble on any given day. Thanks for being my rudder.

And Jason Billsborough thanks for being the best parent to our kids, I know the balance isn’t always even but you give me space to do what I need and for that I’m very grateful.

Post race blues Monday will be 💯.”

Congratulations Simone! #tricolours #StrongerAsOne







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