Shimano Wollongong Criterium

Venue: Wollongong, NSW

ELITE MEN – Report by Jordan Ross

The Elite Men’s Criterium comprised a big NRS field with the Sydney based teams sending plenty of riders. Nero Bianche, St George Conti and Rauland all with 5+ riders starting the race.

Conditions were very windy which meant splits were inevitable and also unfortunately crashes. Nero signalled their intent early by throwing riders up the road repeatedly until Jay Vine and Tristan Ward got a small gap. Nero then did an excellent job of controlling the echelons across the full width of the road and ensuring anyone who attempted to bridge to their man would do so solo and was marked. Eventually the break made contact with the bunch on about 45 minutes and put everyone a lap down.

A crash shortly afterwards split what was left of a dwindling field and Jordan then spent 2 laps bridging to rejoin the bunch which he achieved but placed him firmly on the limit. Nate wasn’t able to get across and pulled the pin.

Less than half the original starters finished the race and Jordan rolled in somewhere within the top 10. A good effort from both our riders in challenging conditions and plenty to look forward to this year.



A super ride by Aiden Sinclair in the Junior Men’s Criterium to score 2nd in a fast race.

It was a tactical affair with the eventual winner starting a breakaway which Aiden was able to jump onto. The two of them then contested a close sprint with Aiden just missing the win on the lunge to the line.

Aiden is already showing plenty of improvement this year and the addition of some other young riders to the squad makes it an exciting time for Dhuez Racing in 2019.


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