Recap: RAW Road Series (Day 1 & 2)


Venue: Heffron Park, Maroubra 

RACE REPORT – by Brad Craft (RAW Racing)

50+km/h wind, which incidentally was the average speed of the first two laps. Multiple attacks initiated the race but it was Jess Coyle (Mobius Bridgelane) whos attack did the damage. He was quickly joined by Cam Scott (ACA), Nick Spratt (MTOS) and Jared Triggs (St George NRS). The last to make connection with the escapees was Tom Bolton (Oliver’s Real Food).

Chris Powell (Nero KOM) tried to cross whilst the bunch split into three groups. Chris was unsuccessful in bridging and the bunches reformed to start a controlled chase with Nero KOM doing most of the chasing.

It quickly became apparent that the 5-man break would stick and they settled into building a 50 second gap. With 12 of the 21 laps completed the attacks started upfront with the first and only casualty being the St George rider. Jared tried to stay away from the bunch but was caught with two laps remaining.

The leading quartet headed to the sprint with all the smart money riding on the ACA rider Cam Scott. Surprisingly the Oliver’s rider (Tom Bolton) lead-out in the gutter and even made a detour onto the grass at one stage. With the wind blowing from his shoulder offering the ACA rider no protection, Bolton was able to secure the win and the 10 seconds time bonus for Oliver’s Real Food Racing.

The bunch sprint was won by Jack Bennett (Raulands Development Team) showing what might have been if the young squad was able to bring back the break.

Dhuez Racing’s sole representative Grant Harmer had a creditable finish with the bunch at +1min 04sec off the leaders.

“It was a day for the tough men. Cold, wet and windy. Once the course dried out it was pretty cool but the break was already gone.”




Venue: Calga, Central Coast 

The weather forecast for Sunday was miserable to say the least. However, upon our very early morning arrival we were greeted by; let’s say …… “glum” conditions. It was cold, windy and damp but not freezing, cyclonic and bucketing down which the good weather folk had predicted.

In terms of the conditions being suitable to record breaking times, they definitely were not.
• Air pressure = 1018 (not good)
• Air temperature = 12 (Bad)
• Humidity = 63 (Average)

Punching this data along with an altitude of 205m (Calga) into the air density calculator it put the needle firmly in the red (BAD!)

The NRS riders started before 8pm prior to 100+ ATTA-NSW regulars. They copped the coldest and windiest part of the day but still managing to set the fastest times of the monthly Time Trial. Dhuez Racing had targeted this stage along with the Team Time Trial (Stage 3) in the lead up to the series. Sporting three former or current National Time Trial (age based) Champions they certainly had the pedigree to succeed, which indeed they did placing three riders in the top 4 positions.

Dhuez Racing’s current National Pursuit Champion (Ben Neppl) won the day in a time of 34:24 (for 25km), 8 seconds ahead of NERO KOM financial Advisors, Chris Miller. Dhuez also took out the ITT GC classification 1 min 10 sec clear of NERO KOM financial Advisors and even further in front of third place St George NRS.


1 Ben Neppl Dhuez Racing 0:34:24
2 Chris Miller Nero KOM Racing 0:34:32
3 Jonothan Millington Dhuez Racing 0:35:06
4 Mick Curran Dhuez Racing 0:35:20
5 Daniel Gandy St George NRS 0:35:46
6 Angus Calder Nero KOM Racing 0:36:08
7 Robert Car Rauland Development 0:36:08
8 Seb Myer Nero KOM Racing 0:36:18
9 James Nicol Nero KOM Racing 0:36:36
10 Matthew Warner-Smith Dhuez Racing 0:37:00



Venue: Calga, Central Coast 

A little over an hour after the ITT had concluded, the riders had put their aerodynamic weaponry in the car and traded them for road bikes in preparation for the Team Time Trial.

The weather had warmed considerably by the time the teams started to roll out of the ATTA-NSW start ramp. Initially the young St George-NRS team was setting the fastest time at the 12.5km split but they were eclipsed by the two juggernauts of the TTT, Dhuez and Nero KOM racing. The six members of Dhuez turned in 17 min 17 sec starting the mostly downhill return leg 29 sec clear of Nero KOM. They used an André Greipel like lead-out train shedding riders every couple of km’s and leaving only their three strongest to tackle Blood Hill and the final 3km home. They recorded the fastest time of the day – 33 min 25 seconds. Impressively Nero KOM lost only 2 seconds on the final 12.5km to end the day 31sec behind but maintained a 19sec lead on General Classification going into the final stage road race at West Head (July 8th).

“Our four riders rode exceptionally well in the ITT to get the day off to a good start. The TTT was the perfect combination of strength, and secret local knowledge. Great to win as a team.”


1 Dhuez Racing    0:33:25
2 Nero KOM Racing    0:33:56
3 St George NRS    0:35:02
4 Rauland Development     0:36:08



1 Nero KOM Racing    3:52:56
2 Dhuez Racing    3:53:15
3 St George NRS    3:56:11
4 Rauland Development     3:59:40
5  Mobius Bridgelane         –
6  Oliver’s Real Food Racing         –
7  Australian Cycling Academy        –
8  MTOSS Racing                          –
9  GPM Stulz                                 –



Gallery of photos from RAW Road Series (NRS)

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